I decided to work on this glass bottle among other organically shaped pictures shown in the book. Why? I think it’s challenging! I’m just so excited that I’m gonna start using back my color pencils again. There’s so many interesting colors you can find over the edges or weird places around a glass bottle. How amazing they are put together to illustrate my Glass friend when by itself, it can be so nakedly lonely without any coverage haha :)! To get the thing out, I’ve got to study what colors is in it…


Color pencils that reflect the colors present in the photograph are chosen out. And tried testing out the colors on a white paper to if it it’s really close to the sample picture. Very quickly, I decided on 9 nine colors to make this drawing come alive.


I used a 2B pencil to lightly outline the bottle. Well, I guess my skill hasn’t really improved. It took awhile as glass bottle is never really similar on both sides looking from different angle. And there’s always those weird lines that looks slightly blended which I always thought should be straight since it’s a standing bottle… as my teacher said last time, ‘Just draw what you see!’. Yeah.


After about an hour, I came out with this mini area colorstrated 🙂 wow, it really is challenging and interesting. About 5 colors used just in this area. Continue tomorrow…..