I woke up late this morning. Slightly, not too late but with a cloudy head. I thought if I will have enough time to make my daily nutritious smoothie for my 3 kids, will I be able to wake them up in time and not rush them to school? The youngest has heavy running nose and phlegm, I just want him to catch as much sleep as possible but waking up the other 2 will woke him up too. With my cloudy head, it’s dangerous to drive the car out. I washed my face and decided, let’s just skip school today!!

Growing up is not just about schooling, about studying for children. More sleep is important, especially when the body is sick. So is playing out, exercising and relaxing our mind. All these play a vital role in the journey of growing up.

I reminded them, today Monday is an unusual relaxed school day, all will be at school tomorrow which they gladly agree šŸ™‚