I’ve always marvelled about rain. Rain is mystical, calming (not when there’s thunderstorm accompanying…), feels cleansing too. I had wanted to paint rain. Paint on the splashes, how each little drops fell upon the ground and bounce up again creating a whirlpool of jumping rains 🙂 Observe how they create a myriad of complicated yet beautiful texture that i can literally get down to become part of that picture… 😀 Cleansing as they can be, i want to project the message of solitary happiness in the midst of a rain – a heavy downpour.

Here is the rational of the painting:

“Situations or environment might seem to confine our space to fully express who we are or just being what we are. Release that “We” out, it is Heaven in that solitary moment.”

Enjoy solitary moments, as much as possible in our life, just being who we are.


Fyi: Before i can start on my pay as you want direction, i had wanted to gift out the art pieces that’s already priced. This ‘Solitude’ painting received many interested parties, but there is only 1 original painting…:( It was gifted out in the end.