I thought it will be fun trying out in a local art competition, one – to see where i stand, two – to challenge myself in a new experience. I found myself diving into work as soon as the decision is made and that dateline is reasonable for production.

While starting out in this painting, i asked myself what the painting style will be like? I do not know frankly, i just paint and paint, and realized it’s very me. I do not need to paint like any others, because this painting is significantly Me. And how it turns out just look like Me. I’ve got a friend who said to me before that she can recognize my work… that there’s a kind of style in it, yeah, a kind of something that can only be felt.

In the end, i did not win anything after the competition. Nor was this work selected to be exhibited. I was sad of course, for a while i was. Then? Pick up my emotions, it’s a good try after all, i’ve gained an experience 🙂