i came out with this painting because i’m in the whirl of a twinflame experience. If you’re unaware of what this is, or if you have not experience it, i totally appreciate anyone Not jumping into any conclusion to whatever perception will lead you to. How disastrous this can be for people who loves to jump into conclusions…

the whole journey breaks away from all traditions and cultures and religions and smack the Truth in my face more clearer than ever than all the teachings i’ve received in my belief. I’m thankful still, though, to all the teachings i’ve learnt in my spiritual journey since childhood in my prayer hall which gave me a strong booster to ascertain that the Truth which came to me in this twinflame experience is a positive light. I trust my soul more than ever through this experience, how mystical it is but beautiful at the same time to be shown the road by angels who came to communicate to me in their ways and how God is so friendly and kind always answering to my Qs.

I need to surrender my whole self to this experience. Leave no doubts, keep myself Whole in which this will also allow another part of my whole to be Whole 🙂 Surrender to my conscience. I’m always breathing through that double thumping heart, it comes since the whole connection starts in 2010. though i’m glad sometimes its gone to leave me alone and sane. So much emotions…. so much physical pain in the heart…. so much to shout out loud…. so much i want to run away from but i’m always lead back to start, back where i left.. to continue this journey.

This school of cultivation is too much for me to bear. But i have no choice over this as the connection could not be broken. Or i had to say, this is my choice before all my other previous lifes, i had made this decision at the Start. Though i had to admit, it accelerates me to another level of understanding which is Amazing. Its like a breakthrough for me, spiritually. I know i couldn’t be here without this twinning flaming experience.

The lesser i feel, the more stable the other half is, the more the job is done, though i feel, we are not coming to the end as of this new year. It took such a long time already. 6 years had passed. I don’t know how i should feel. I only know that i’m tired. There’s pain in my heart now… when i think, the other half knows, and i feel the response back to me immediately. We don’t even know each other well, but we don’t need to speak to know, alot. How close can closest be? ‘Closest’ is still a word of 7 letters. That has no distance but just ‘ ‘.


The arms were very much edited to make it looks more like a man’s arm.


And more grasses were added in later. The whole background was created using upward paintbrush strokes.

And this is a youtube video link i’ve done to demo on painting grasses 🙂