I started doing surface pattern design 10 years back when i was still carrying my 2nd child. It was a very difficult process. I couldn’t draw so well then using photoshop or illustrator. Even until today, i was not artistically incline to draw with these software, they are better for me to help assemble artworks, create presentation boards… rather i find painting so much fun and easier just with my hands and brushes!

Out of around 3 to 4 pattern designs that i created then, this is the only one that got out onto 50 sketch books which were in the end were not sold off due to the wrong paper Gm selected…. (I should have trust myself more than anyone else one, i learnt this lesson hard enough). It almost got into a gift boutique shop in the crowded shopping central area.. boo hoo…

Anyway, here it is:


2 days ago, i started to draw and paint manually and came out with this:

Comparing to drawing with software, these are less struggles and much enjoyable! I generate the painting into patterns using Photoshop, continue to touch it up so it will look seamless in pattern and finally, i think it looks good on wrapping papers and apron 🙂


More patterns to come!!