Shh… seashells

sea explorer  - pay as you want
Here’s the 2nd pattern design namely ‘sea explorer’. We’ve went onto many road trips into Malaysia for the past years. I love road trips. Maybe it’s much convenient, rest, stop, turn, check, explore haha… Shouldn’t a trip be relaxing and allows much exploration? Plus, it’s much cheaper than on airplane. 

Anyway, we picked up many seashells on the past road trips. Beautiful as nature allows them to be, they are already shiny and polished when we found them. Some clams are still whole but is already vacant, so we will pick those. And, we befriended many transparent mini crabs during the process, see how fast they ran!! And quickly covered themselves up with sand trying to hide away from our curious eyes πŸ™‚ we can spend hours on the beach. It’s amazing how we can blend into the wondrous of nature just being there sat on the sand and leave everything else aside.

Here’s the pattern design after editing in Photoshop:

sea explorer  - pay as you want
And here’s the original painting that I’ve outline inked with brush and filled with watercolor:

sea explorer  - pay as you want
Till then! More paintings coming up πŸ™‚ 

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