Ok, Day 5, i’m trying to find out what is my style of painting here is. The many days sketches purpose out for me to find out about myself. What style of painting i like, what i can paint, which kind i enjoy doing. After this, i surely know i’m not the cartoon kind, i cant really draw cute pictures though i kind of enjoy doing them. Also checking out what other illustrators or artists are doing on instagram helps input some ideas where i should head to.

The whole idea of starting a daily sketch actually comes from another youtuber who did 365 days of learning sketches where he finally emerges as an illustrator by the end of 1 year. That’s because he did 365 sketches! What determination! He is my inspiration 🙂 I found him on Tedtalk and decided to just follow his steps to start sketching everyday. And then, i decided to move into a learning painting a day, which will be in the upcoming posts.

More to come!