This is the 4th day of my sketch then in June. I’m updating all these sketches online today like 2.5 months later. I realized i’ve spend so much time practicing watercolor that i’ve not post my developments here. Ok, on this 4th day of sketching, i’ve no idea what i want to draw. I love to look for challenging subjects where there are more tonal values to add in. Maybe its easier i can say with tones to help define the subject better haha!

Ok, origami comes into my mind, nowadays there are so many beautiful origami print paper that we can get esp from stores like Diaso and i thought its nice if i can sketch those prints out too. But… it just gets too difficult. The folds in each origami here are already taking up alot of my time, and i only complete the whole thing in 1.5hrs!!

But, still nice right? Cool huh.

More to come…