It’s almost 2.5 months since i’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy with making a sketch or painting each day since Jun 22th and i can hardly find any leftover time to update my blog. But i’ve seen visitors coming in, and very inspired by you guys to keep this blog updated.

Ok, so here’s my first sketch from Jun 22th. That is a rainy day, i thought, it will be nice to sketch something related to my day. I got my stack of drawing books which i’ve designed myself many years ago (which of course did not sell) and start scribbling something inside. And i love colors, so i put some tints of watercolor in it and it helps to brighten up the page alot.

Rainy day can be emotional for me, and maybe for you, you and you… it does brings in memories, beautiful ones for me in my connection with him. In this sketch, i esp love those color patches at the bottom of the sketch page.

More to come…