After we’ve known how toxic battery cages chicken eggs can be, and how torturous it is to rear those chickens in factory battery cages, who has not seen sunshine or even grass, we decided to purchase free range eggs or the medium affordable ones here are the barn laid eggs that comes in from Malaysia. At least the chickens are free to roam around, through still within the premises of a barn, but at least they get to see the sun or are able to walk. Those chickens in the battery cages have so brittle bones because they are always restricted to within the cage since young, they have no chance to exercise to strengthen their bones but still have to produce eggs daily in this kind of inhumane condition is unacceptable to me.

So we as consumers choice on a better world for all living things, our choice in purchasing affects everything that is related in the chain of the product we choose to buy. And if we can make a good choice, we can create a better world on earth. All living things on earth deserves to be respected in their own natural way.

This painting hopes for better healthier chickens, do not mistreat them please.

More to come.