There comes a time when i can be out of idea for a while. I will not know what to draw next but to keep continue ‘a painting a day’, that idea keep pushing me for new paintings each day. Instagram community are very supportive of this idea and more friends on Facebook are responding to my daily posts. These are little things that kept me going to continue my creative project.

So i was sitting at the balcony that day wondering what’s next to paint. And as usual i have these beautiful plants hanging over there to act as shades. I’ve always had the idea in mind to paint them but at the start of this project, i have so many fantasies and crazy ideas that you see before this post. Those were the stuffs that somehow halt any plant drawings to become true.

And so there it is now. I bought this pot imported from Taiwan 4 years ago. Its a marvelous survivor till today.

More to come!