We always drive into M’sia for roadtrips holidays. It’s great for exploration and a great way to see beautiful scenery at ground level. You have to be skillful and alert too in driving, which is certainly not me. My hubby is great in driving, he’s a very stable driver and the best thing about him? He can explore foreign country roads like its his country. With just a GPS, he can go anywhere. Malaysia roads are not super easy to explore if you compare to like…. Australia which we Only need a map last time.

Of course, it’s not like we will be super accurate on every roads to reach a certain place, but it’s also about being open to explore and be adventurous. Well, he only tend to miss a road or 2 on a trip which is 90/100? very good 🙂 And for me? I’m ok, as long as everyone is happy on the road and not starving, i’m more than happy to explore more scenery to our destination 🙂

The above painting is a typical ride on our roadtrip where we are blocked by a super heavy truck before us on a super sunny #kindofsleepy noon drive (zzzzz) on a 2 Way Only road. That’s where we will wait patiently to zoom take over it. And it’s quite exciting to take over trucks like this!

More to come.