This is another part of the ‘change’ drawing i was drawing the day before. I was drawing these to heal myself, to allow changes in my life to settle down. That mindset had not sink in yet. So i’m drawing this to want to feel it sink inside me, deep inside. I just want this phrase of my life to pass.

It brought me Love, open up my awareness, to learn to have a bigger heart from usual, and also to experience spiritual pain connections. It taught me to Let Go, of things that cannot happen and tame down my desires. Look within for happiness for only myself can provide that forever non ending happiness to myself. It taught me about setting limits too, have self respect. Although Love is great to be always thinking about others, to be always giving, setting limits to myself also shows its time i should love myself after giving. If it comes to a stage where the limit is met, then stop, enough is given and let it be.

Love is always giving, not only to others, but also to oneself.

Drawing out my thoughts allow these decisions to root in. They will stay firm there and my drawings reminded me of the journey i’ve taken in these coming 7 years. I want it to end by this Dec. Hold no more. Totally Let Go.

More to come.