I love this painting. It about moving on in our life after setbacks. The road ahead is filled with much more possibilities and chances. Sometimes when it is hard to shake off the low emotions on us, its good to sink into nature and absorb her positive vibes. A good trekking in the forest or by anything fully nature is awesome to allow her to shower us with positive energy. For myself, i love to take walks in the morning with my family, then followed by a good sumptuous lunch on weekends.

But sometimes, if we feel troubled in the heart, a walk alone will help to straighten out thoughts and we might just feel much better after it.

Most importantly, Move On from setbacks. Cos it’s unhealthy in the mind to step on the same wound for too long or over and over again. Move on to a healthier spot where sun falls right on us.

Ok, this is the last piece of painting for my practise journey.

The next new piece will be for sale 🙂 My new journey.