I’ve got a nice friend who commissioned me to draw 3 drawings for his kitchen. He already bought the frames from IKEA. This project took place in August this year. We’ve had wonderful discussions, i shown him my drafts, he approved the drawings and everything, i started to draw. Everything was wonderful. I’m happy i have someone who likes my drawing and happily paying for it.

These are the 3 drawings that i did for him. I learnt that unlike graphic design, paintings cannot be drawn as mock ups. Cos the final good quality paper and ink will certainly be different from the mock up and if buyer already approved the mock up, they will have to do a 2nd round of approval again for the final paintings.

For these, i’m glad my friend is patient enough to help approve double times for the drawings. So for painting, just draw and sell! If the buyer is unsatisfied, then only option for re-paint.


I finally got them all varnished up and nicely wrapped bundled up, get into a white envelope and ready to send. He said he wanted to collect from me personally, but i asked for his help to accept delivery so i can test check hows the condition like after receiving. Whether my packaging is sturdy enough to support the paintings.

The 1st round, it was sent back to me because of his faulty address. That’s already 2 weeks. After the correction, i resend again, and now, it’s already gonna past 2 months and he still has yet receive the drawings. It is only a small package that can fit into our standard letterbox from west to east of tiny island Singapore and no, it is not delivered yet. I’m utterly disappointed in Singpost for this kind of lousy service.

I will need to start re-drawing for him in a couple of days. This time, i will pass to him by hand.