Since 7 years ago, i’ve created hand printed cards using the Japan gocco printer. I’ve since wanted to partake in some kind of art show. Art markets like these are not so popular yet until recent years. And yesterday, i finally made my mark!!! I felt so happy 🙂 I will never really believed that i did it. Seeing the picture above, it really triggers so much emotions. I’ve never achieved completing a painting a fortnight or a week in the first year of this journey. I was doing acrylic paintings then and they were so much larger in size. A painting can take a month to finish as i only have the most 2 hours everyday to sit down and paint. So many hurdles in the beginnings but i will always re-access my developments, if i’m moving towards where i want to be and take changes whenever needed.

The turning point to make the art show possible yesterday is after listening to an illustrator who spoke on Tedx talk. He inspired me to do a painting a day. I revised how i can make it possible and set my mind determine to be successful this round. That’s where i started painting cards since cards are small in size and watercolor are quite fun too. I feel that this medium is cleaner to use, not so much of cleaning up needed so i took that. And i have plenty of recycled cards stocks ready in the cupboard for my usage, so why not just jump right in? The first card posted on instagram painted with this medium and stock card was received well, i was deeply encouraged and took my first 2 months fine tuning my watercolor painting skills. In the process, i post up to instagram and FB daily and received my first order for a set of 3 watercolor paintings. Then i knew, my watercolor painting skills are now acceptable and i should start to venture into real selling cards.

The journey continues… doing the same thing everyday, but different pictures gave me so much fun and excitement. I totally enjoyed the whole process and completed 40 cards in 40 days. That got me ready for yesterday 🙂

Yesterday gave me new insights about my direction and paths i can take. I will venture on for a better 3rd year!