There is an art show locally and it’s amazing to see so many quality works up for sale. It’s the perfect venue to check out as many artists as possible coming from different countries, who have different backgrounds, living, style, application and thoughts.

One thing I learnt in the show is about price integrity. Many artists spent a whole lot of their time to deliver a piece of good artwork. It might be days or months. They live to make good artwork and the best comes when someone appreciates it and is willing to pay for their effort.

My last art booth tells me something. People who do not appreciate art will say the most affordable art to be expensive. And only those who appreciates it will look and consider buying it at the price it should fetch.

After the art booth finishes, I’m contemplating how low my cards were sold for. I’m only selling for $10 for each A6 size card of original painting. People will buy, but yet it is also sending out a message that this is cheap art. Is it cheap seriously? I thought about the amount of time I put into each painting. They were painted with reference from photos, they do not have a base concept behind, it is just a drawing from whatever skills I’ve acquired and I came to accept that $10 is ok for a start. At least I know, those kind of painting is at an acceptable range of pricing to the public whom might not all be art fanatics. It might be the theme that I’m painting that relates to them? Yeah.

After the booth finishes yet again, I thought about what kind of works really resonate with me. What is the reason that really triggers me to draw? And I think I have to stay very focus on this road to reach my target. Although there are lots of inputs coming in from patrons during the show telling me what they like to see, it’s very diversify and I found myself in a whirlpool losing my direction. Yes, it’s important to cater some work of various attractive themes for art shows that people prefers (so something sells to pay the booth rental fee), yet it’s important to stay on my own desired path that keeps me believing in art and moving.

For pricing, I’ve learnt so much from the booth experience and art show. As a beginner in this world, it’s good to move myself by placing my price affordable to the mass, yet for works that starts from a good concept base, I feel they should fetch themselves a reasonable amount.