Painting progresses are always unpredictable. For this round, i can be mixing a round of green which is enough for the selected numbers of leaves. For next round, another green might not be enough and i might just end up having more shades of greens. Is it a matter of control or versatility? I’m not sure. However i keep an open mind to all new pieces of painting to explore and find new journeys. The above shows most of the leaves completed for the first layer of painting.


For this round, i’ve taken the leaves painting through 3 layers of paint and 2 layers of background. Maybe i am beginning to feel uncomfortable about the sharpness of the leaves overlapping each other, and so what happened next is this at the bottom:


I thought that this touching up looks dirty though…does it? Oh!!!! Did i make a stupid mistake? The above looks like a graphic art, it is very strong and sharp. But for this, the attempt to bring down the contrast instead gave it a more undesirable look. This is the gravest mistake i’ve ever made. Or is it mistake at all? I thought i should keep a positive mindset to keep moving on. Oh mine, it is a big A1 size painting.

Will keep posting on this painting’s updates..