Remember the last post, where i decide to save this painting. Trying to overlap the kale one over another creating layers of interchanging colors and patterns. That’s what i want to see. Yet, it looks so plastiky with acrylic as a medium that i thought a few ‘natural’ strokes will help but they obviously didn’t.


And more strokes trying to savage the situation….. trying to convince myself that it looks ok but inside there keeps saying somethings wrong. And when my daughter says ‘OMG!’, i know its time to say BYE. There goes about a month’s time into this work. From my experience, the spot on artworks take minimal time accordingly to their size to complete. No stretching, no ‘wondering’ time…. the are just Spot on. Everything feels right and good. Any extra time into ponderation spells trouble. Haha.


And the next thing i did, not wanting to give up on this concept is this:


A blessing in disguise. It seems like a month is gone, however this month is worth going through. I will never be more thankful enough to what comes to me at the start of 2017 a chance to discover what i truly like and wanted to do. And how i realize that i now know what medium to use for different subjects of my interest, which medium brings the best out of what subject and clearly, i now know that my past 2 years have merely been just explorations. I thought i’ve come to a conclusion of what i will do, but no, i’ve became much clearer of my direction ahead. This medium above is gouache on rice paper. It totally opens up a new world to me.

More to come!