This painting is another experimental work with gouache on rice paper. I think i really found the rice paper that i like to use. For this painting, it can takes on a couple of layers after the previous had dried. And i changed to Daler Rowney’s Simply gouache. To me, it still can produce a nice matte chalky finish when dried. It really looks like oil pastel and i simply love gouache so much. Many eastern gouache paintings from China and Korea had inspired me to start this medium. I thought my style in gouache will lean more to those paintings that inspired me but no. After painting this whale for sometimes, I find my usual way of painting style naturally comes in and totally took over the initial painting idea i wanted to achieve.

Gouache has oil pastel matte chalky finish.

I thought, why not just let myself flow. That’s where originality comes from 🙂 And i’m glad i’m so original!

More to come.