I’ve not blogged for the past several months. My last post is in Feb… posted on my tests on rice papers. In fact, it has really been a journey these many months. I do not know what triggered me to want to find my style this year. Or…. maybe it has already been awhile, just that i’ve not reach a stage to establish those ideas in me.

In the past few years, a few common ideas keep coming back to me highlighting what my likes are. Also, there are also a few styles of drawing that i enjoy doing and to match my preferences mentioned, there got to be suitable mediums to bring out my ideas. That’s when i changed to chinese brushes, chinese rice paper and also started trying Arches watercolor paper. I also learnt how to mount paper over a canvas just exactly like a normal acrylic or oil painting presentation. I learnt the traditional way of mounting chinese rice paper too… all these require time. Days to make a mounting work, to know what stroke works on what kind of paper, which gouache set has a brighter or smoother flow… how to integrate all things together. From an idea to a sketch, to trials on brushes and papers to presentation, to marketing it out on social platforms…. still learning.

Looking back, it seems like intensive training for the past 5 months. Learning many new skills myself from youtube and self discovery. I’ve not drawn alot like year 2016 but i’ve certainly grown and have marched way forward a lot more than last year.

Until only recently, i thought i always know how to draw and can draw to sell for a living but its not something so simple. Or maybe i’ve complicated things… if that’s so, its my character then. Every painting i do must have a meaning behind it, that drives me to complete it purposefully.

I had left acrylic aside for my children to play. Myself, i have been exploring more on watercolor and gouache. The main reason why i feel acrylic is unsuitable is its non eco friendly nature. Pouring away remainders of filthy water that had washed brushes and palettes of acrylic is ultimately doing harm to the ocean animals. The 2nd reason being its inability to paint out detail works that i seem to enjoy most. Well acrylic is suitable for other artist, i find it not for me at this time.

I’ve did many works during this time range:

And yeah i’m proud to say all these works were completed with watercolor and gouache. 🙂