The purpose of this blog is to show this sketch. (“-“). I luv my sketch so much. A sketch prior to any painting is a very important step. Sometimes i have an idea in mind when i’m prepping lunch… or showering…haha. Ideas come at weird times for me, especially before i sleep! There can be 2 to 3 ideas coming straight away and if there is no sketch to help note down the idea, it can be easily forgotten by the next morn. Too bad, i’m the lazy kind, i hardly get up the bed to sketch out the idea so on somedays…. i kept wondering why i have no fresh ideas haha.


Another fun part prior to painting is the color chart. From there, it provides a better visualization of how good the painting will turn out looking!


I tried the art masking fluid this round. Well, it really helps to mask the area (in this case are the leaves on the trees). However, bits of paper came out together with the eraser when i remove it for painting. Maybe lesser application of the fluid will do the job well. I I think i applied too much. Anyway, it really helps!


This is my final painting! I have it available in prints here:

and if you are interested to get the original, it is available here:

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