The Grade 1s

I’ve Grade 1 students yes… a whole bunch of about 28ish of them… and many classes. What a challenge to manage the class especially when it comes to painting!

“Splash yes water splash..! So creative right teacher? Me: (what are you doing?????!!!! and MAD)”

“Dip the rug into the coloured water, oh what fun!!… and others followed through (my goodness!! STOP!!!)”

While those smart alex finishes fast and furious with clean cut paints and their friends struggling behind and me too struggling to Art first aid, those smart alex starts running around the Art studio like an ongoing relay in an Art stadium. (VERY SWEAT)

these kids….

“Bye Mdm Ho, Thank you Mdm Ho and Enjoy your day!, Mdm Ho I love your Art lessons!! yeah…” (Rolled eyes… okok)

What sweet tongues. Can’t i not melt?

I’ve learnt to just do enough each lessons and to stretch some classes over more lessons to complete a piece of artwork. It will turn out nice yes, very nice πŸ™‚

The attached photo are some works that’s been stretched over 3 weeks to come to this completion today. I’m happy.

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