REJECT exhibition

I will be sending ‘Mandala Asia’ to the REJECTS exhibition taking place end this month at the Night Fest 2019 @the_substation . For those who’s been following since beginning, you knew this piece was one of my maiden pieces submitted for Bazaar Arts then. Thinking about the days and nights spent on this painting, I’m really glad it has a chance to be exhibited after almost 4 years of completion.

What is about the REJECT exhibition then? It is inspired by the Salon Des Refusés, which was a famed exhibition celebrating works that’s rejected by the authorising Paris Salon in 1863.

Quoting what Art historian Albert Boime wrote: “The Salon des Refusés introduced the democratic concept of a multi-style system (much like a multi-party system) subject to the review of the general jury of the public.

I’m looking forward to see it being exhibited, a little wish came true for ‘Mandala Asia’. ☺️🌈

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