Waste challenge 2

Day 2 challenge. I do not know whether this is authentic, but these are truly my personal wastes for today. There should be a 3rd tissue in there but I did not take a photo of it as i’m in a cinema.


I feel my personal wastes are not so much because I move along with my family. We have more trashes together as we share those packed food or dispose the fruits packaging altogether as a family.


Yet I try my best to recycle those reusable packaging boxes as much as i can when eg I share food with prayer friends after our prayer. We keep plastic boxes for my hubby to catch lizards or that scary cockroaches. I bring round plastic boxes to school for students to reuse when painting which can last eons unless some fellow cracked it with the brush. So they do have a second life being recycled from my house. The totally transparent PVC packagings get their chance in recycling bags for years from our house.


Well, trashes can be useful. I made a sculpture with trash. How do you make use of yours? .


Curious who tagged me and started this movement?

Friend @weidoesntmatter

Here’s what he wrote:


“What’s My Daily Waste” challenge.

For a period of one week, collect a day of man made waste that you have produced, snap a photo, share on Instagram or Facebook, tag and challenge 2 new friends to do the same in each post.

This challenge is to help us be more aware of the amount of waste we are producing daily and try our best to reduce our daily waste.



#trash #waste #challenge #daily #reduce #dailywaste #sustainability #healthy #practice #goodhabits #habits #awareness #betterworld #convenience #savetheworld #responsibility #trashsketch #inksketch #sketch_book .


thanks everyone!

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