Mom’s Love v2 published

I’m over the moon. 🌟


My artwork ‘Mom’s Love v2’ has been selected to be on the cover page of CALYX’s magazine on their upcoming volume 31:2. It will be further featured on an inner spread which I will snapshot and share more when I got the magazine sent in.


Whose CALYX? They are an Independent Publisher of Art and Literature by Women since 1976 base in Corvallis, OR.


CALYX discovered many woman important writers such as Barbara Kingsolver and Paula Gunn Allen among the more than 4000 writers published during their first 42 years. They received several Arts and Literacy Arts awards on their publications and was the first to publish the artwork of one of my favourite Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo in color in the U.S.


I never think ‘Mom’s Love v2’ can go this far when I created it for Pameran Poskad 2018’s exhibition last year. I’m glad it made its way out there! 🙏




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