Waste challenge 7, last day!

Last day, Day 7 challenge.


Last day today, I accumulated 4 trashes so far. Maybe another 1 more for supper later? I dun know. The industrial will continue to improve to be better as long as consumers voice out concerns consistently. Time is all it takes, Iโ€™m happy NTUC is moving towards this step now. .

Curious who tagged me and started this movement?

Friend @weidoesntmatter

Hereโ€™s what he wrote:


“What’s My Daily Waste” challenge.

For a period of one week, collect a day of man made waste that you have produced, snap a photo, share on Instagram or Facebook, tag and challenge 2 new friends to do the same in each post.

This challenge is to help us be more aware of the amount of waste we are producing daily and try our best to reduce our daily waste.



#trash #waste #challenge #daily #reduce #dailywaste #sustainability #healthy #practice #goodhabits #habits #awareness #betterworld #convenience #savetheworld #responsibility #trashsketch #inksketch #sketch_book .


thanks everyone!

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