Progress again

Heartfelt thanks to @ryanresatka, the photographer of this very healing and calming scenery found somewhere wonderful on earth ☺️ ❤️🌈🍀🌳.


With his great capture, I’m able to ink the photo enjoying every steps of detailing works. Not every photos are suitable for what I want to do, some are just not, for the style i’m gg for. After i’m done with inking, I have another urge to want to explore it with color. Through these years, I found that I do not really enjoy painting. Painting up a whole piece is a pain for me since ‘Mom’s Love’, yet I should say i enjoy putting colours in to continue on the detailing works with colors…🙄


I luv this progress in my art. I’m extracting that part of me within and putting it onto a mini sketch. It’s a task done. I can move forward again. ✌️😄




#sg #sgart #sketchbook #dailysketch #urbansketch #life #beamybeam #sketchbook #ink #lineart #artjourney #sketchjournal #journal #stateofmind #progress #watercolor #watercolorpainting

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