Sick thoughts

I’m not well today, I think it’s the first time in this year that i’m sick. Should be the short rest hours and wee hours flight of this trip that causes my system to go slightly upside down. I tot abt the no of stuffs that i can’t do when i’m sick and i’m quite surprised by all that i’m running altogether. From big to small projects to home and children, i’m a little bit fearful in fact when i place them all in front of me. Sketching them out on UU helps straighten thoughts, anyway he’s very free whole day always zzzz, i dun think he mind me using him as my model to hold all my projects, for a while. 😛




#sg #sgart #sketchbook #dailysketch #urbansketch #life #beamybeam #sketchbook #ink #lineart #artjourney #sketchjournal #journal #stateofmind #lineart #gouachepainting #gouachepaint #inkonpaper

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