Playing with gouache

As much as there’s another painting to be completed at home, I still want to be out. Sketch is a very vital part of my journey cos it allows me to record and explore my day, also to try out new styles of approaches. These new styles of approaching a sketch accumulate over time. Until the time they mature will they become a part of my future commissioned works. This is an intricate journey of discovering myself. Very importantly too, sketch freed my emotions. ⛵️☘️







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3 thoughts on “Playing with gouache

  1. I admire artists and i would love to develop my hability to draw, i love to see drawings and illustrations, and one of my dreams is to travel around the world and draw the streets impact me the most… but first i really need to dedicate more time to draw eheh maybe this year i will start some classes, who knows 🙂 well done and keep doing your art 🙂 cheers from Portugal, PedroL

    • Thanks Pedro for your encouragement! I will also like to ultimately be travelling around the world to draw, it just keeps me sane and connected to myself, such a freedom to be able to do that and yes, working my way to reach that goal! 💪 May you reach your goal too this new 2020 year, a little step makes a long way!! ☺️❤️

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