‘Healing Mission’

I finally passed to Chun Yu sis another painting I did for her today. I think this is the 4th painting I’ve done for her so far since I’ve started. It’s an intricate piece of artwork and requires alot of detailing efforts to make the artwork stands out. There’s also many parts which could’ve been done better… yes I will have to improve myself. .

We came to name this artwork ‘Healing Mission’ for the nature of work that Chun yu sis is very much involved in. She’s a natural born healer and I’ve seen her healed many people these years through using natural essential oils plus her combination of TCM therapies. It’s a work that she’s been called for, something that she whole heartedly loves and enjoys doing: helping out people. ❤️👍

I hope these herbs from wonderful mother nature in the painting can empower and reminds her that she’s always well supported by God and Nature, May the Nature’s Force Always Be With Her. 🙏🙏🙏


Those little post it stickies are some of her fav herbs. ☺️☘️🌿






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