Circuit breaker starts, everyone stayed home. That was since Apr 7th, more than 2 months back. It’s not a wonderful time, people are staying behind doors, going out only when necessary. Singapore is a too small country for far too many people, it’s hard to keep the disease away.

I started a FB sketch challenge then, this was the 3rd time i’m holding one since it’s a pretty good timing for people to come in and draw things, kind of an art therapy from this period I guess. We did it for 14 days, abt 15 friends draw something daily and yes, some of them requested more days at the end..

Here’s some of my drawings which you can already see if you follows in instagram:

Above my 3 favs.

However I couldn’t help hoping the sketch challenge ends asap so I can do some crazy things like these:

Stack 1
Stack 2
Stack 3
Stack 4
Stack 5

More of a balance project, to balance outside requires me to first balance myself from inside. It’s just an idea I’ve got one night when dozing to zzz, ideas always come at that time but it’s also plain fun.

I found myself drawing too much then.. so I think I rested for about 4 weeks not drawing anything. It’s a good hand rest period or it’s more about the heart’s willingness to do something.

Cool out period.