I forgotten the exact date I saw some handmade junk journaling youtube videos and they really inspired me to start my own!

What is about them that inspired me? Ok here you go:

1. They’re upcycling meaningful projects. While many people will buy scrapbook materials to create their journals, I find it really meaningful to use recycled materials almost fully to build mine instead. Plus, recycled materials are totally FOC!!

2. I can do all kinds of art within. It can holds all kinds of creatives possibilities within eg paintings, sketches, collage, image transfers if that amaze you like they amazed me, scripting, decoupage, textures… and so much more!!

So I did my first mini A6 here using Van Gogh as my main subject to drive me through from beginning to last page. He of course inspired me throughly.

Junk journal Van Gogh paintings.

And here’s 2 vid links, part 1 and 2 of my journal flip through:

I hope you enjoy them! Thank you 🙂