Origami Model Artist Ilan Garibi
Origami Maker Artist Ho Jia Hui

Ilan Garibi

Ilan Garibi (born 1965) is an Israeliorigami artist and designer. He started his way in the world of art and design as a paper origami artist, and today also designs furniture, jewelry and works of art out of a variety of materials, such as metals, wood, and glass. He masters an origami genre called Tessellation. During 2012 he co-established Origamisrael, the Israeli origami artists’ organization, and he is its chairman ever since. He is an author of several books in the fields of origami and puzzles. In September 2019, Garibi presented a TEDx talk as part of TEDxPaloAltoSalon

Website: https://www.garibiorigami.com/

Ho Jia Hui

Jiahui started off doing painting in 2015 whilst taking care of her 3 growing kids. It has been a great learning and self discovery journey so far pushing herself yearly to reach her goals. She had since participated in 1 overseas and 3 local art exhibitions including this. She also had 2 artworks published in ‘Journal of Art and Literature by Woman’ : CALYX vol. 31 no. 2 in Nov. 2019 with the 2nd artwork, ‘Mom’s Love v2’. featured as that volume’s cover.

Jiahui only started off with tessellation origami a few months prior to this exhibition though inspired by some kinetic origami models she had seen years ago. She’s also drawn to the beauty of patterns since she started painting which was also reflected in her work ‘Mom’s Love v2’.

She finally embarked on this discovery journey of origami. Jiahui wants to exhibit her most up-to-date works, reflecting her mindset and journey of learning from Mr Ilan Garibi’s book: ‘Origami Tessellation for Everyone’. 

Models extracted from ‘Origami Tessellation for Everyone’: 

Cubes, Bricks, Quadilic, Red Flower, Green Flower, Hexa Flower, Childhood Evolved and Adulthood.

Other models:

Herringbone Tessellation 

Medium: Elephant hide paper and paper