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Hi! Welcome to my page here. I can do customised digital pencil portrait for you from your photographs. Your photos will be hand drawn in line works in my drawing style, it’s certainly not standard software automatic photo filters.

On this page are some of my drawing samples, I will email you final high resolution PDF that can be printed out from any home printer on A4 size. These digital drawings can be done in black and white or with a few colours. I can help do pet portraits too.

Simple photos starts from $50 to complicated photos of $120. A piece of work usually requires 4 to 6 days to complete depending on complexity and other work loads.

These hand drawn digital portraits are good form of memory for wall portraits to remember, to gift and to love.

If you’re interested to get a drawing done, please drop me a message by filling up a simple form below, I will revert to you in 48hrs.

Thank you!

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