Pay what you want

Hello all,

Welcome to my humble site of original paintings 🙂

All my card paintings and some canvas paintings have a base price given from material costs. To encourage more people to buy original paintings, you can pay what you want as long as it is above the base price. A few good canvas paintings i have here:

I do paintings for a couple of reasons…

One: So i can project my ideas of positivism, optimism and happiness
through the paintings to the world.

Two: I believe that through affordable pricing, everyone can own at least an original painting.

To flow with these ideas and concepts behind the paintings, they are thus not priced high so to allow anyone who resonates with the painting or whom is inspired by it to have a chance to propose their pricing to own it 🙂

All paintings are created with Love. I will appreciate that you also consider the time factor and materials used which made the paintings possible when you propose a price.

So, how does this works? Email me beamingattic (at) gmail dot com with:

  1. Painting title name.
  2. Propose a pricing that you think the painting is worth for, taking information from the ‘Rates for this painting’ section under every painting’s description page.

I will revert to you within 24 hours.


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