'Another day' - Pay as you want

Another day

'Another day' - Pay as you want
Another Day

– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas.
– 24 by 8 inches
– coming to 1.5 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
– ready to hang

Mother earth nurtures all living things in a way where all of us can enjoy one another. It’s beautiful how nature flourish, survives, feeds itself and regenerates in its own designed system by the creator.”

Behind thoughts:
I have love chinese folkart paintings or peasants painting since i saw them many years ago. What caught me are the vibrant colors, straightforward approach and pattern forming style in the paintings which to me, are just so beautiful. They indeed left an impact on me. And it has not left me after so many years… i will see how far it can stretch me.

Rates for this painting FYI:
Material Price: $50
Suggested Price: $98
Fixed Price: $192

A painting at this size is typically priced between $98 – $192, but i’m letting you pay what you want.

If you are interested to buy this painting at your proposed price, pls email me beamingattic (at) gmail dot com with:

  1. Painting title name
  2. Share with me how that particular painting resonates with you…
  3. why you like it, how does it inspires you in anyway?
  4. Propose a pricing

I will revert to you within 24 hours.


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