Pay what you want - 'Ascension'


– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas
– 19.7 by 10 inches
– 5/8 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
– ready to hang.

“Heaven and earth feels like its physically too far a distance to be near. In fact, it’s just split second away, if we can let our soul took over everything.”

Behind thoughts:
If anyone has ever experienced a twinflame, you will totally understand this painting from the first look of it. To me, this experience is another school of teaching, to let me understand who i am, why i’m on earth, lessons on earth, and most importantly about Love ~ Unconditional Love. This experience totally blown me off. I’m swept away. There’s too much experienced to be put in words, i want to say still, that God is always with us. Everywhere we go, they are with us. To want us to see the best in everyone, this planet can be better, i believe external forces are here to help, to raise humanity, we all can, make where we lived here a better place.

Rates for this painting FYI:
Material Price | Suggested Price | Fixed Price
$45                    $62                   $197

A painting at this size is typically priced between $62 – $197, but i’m letting you pay what you want.

If you are interested to buy this painting at your proposed price, pls email me beamingattic (at) gmail dot com with:

  1. Painting title name
  2. Share with me how that particular painting resonates with you… why you like it, how does it inspires you in anyway?
  3. Propose a pricing

I will revert to you within 24 hours.