Its been over 2 weeks before i can create this page. What a long (quite) holiday….!

Verysmallexhibition had brought me this opportunity to try out glass drawings with Kitpas eco crayons and it has been a couple of great learning and experience. I’m not really a fan of crayons for a start. I’m not any fan of drawing on glass too! I’ve no fancy for these 2 mediums as a consideration for my art expressions however, i’m a pretty eco person so, Kitpas crayon being safe and eco free for humans is what caught me for a start. Its very good for children esp when young kids who like to stuff things into their big mouth at certain mth’s age, it can be a definite challenge for caretakers.

This round, Creamology engaged me to do their shopfront again. I did the first round with weitocalligraphy. Its a great challenge as i have 3 children around me who can sometimes help and sometimes disappear for a moment or 2… but my daughter helped on the glass by filling up the 2 red horns beautifully šŸ™‚

I really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. Though it took me around 5 hours, its an accomplishment seeing it done! People will stop by to encourage or just to see. I love it when people can be appreciative of Art.

I hope there will be more glass drawings to come!

Thank you for stopping by this page!