Hello! Beamingattic will now have giclees / art prints available to all. What are giclee (pronouned as zee-clay)? Well, they are digital art prints in which an ink-jet printer is used to produce a high-quality art print.

To meet different preferences in the market, some modern homes prefer digital art prints as they are usually more affordable and that buyers can have more options in the display of different art pieces in their homes.

My first 3 paintings here were derived from the Peranakan culture and traditions. If you find yourself in them and that they speak to you, you can now own them at affordable rates of only SGD$45 and $55 🙂

Bear in mind, these are not mini paintings but of a reasonable good size to be on your wall, and with a larger frame to border it, it just looks presentable and brightens up your living space in seconds!

Note that the price above doesn’t includes shipping and framing up. I also provide add on framing service for your convenience.

Email me: beamingattic at gmail dot com for any orders and queries.

Thank you!

‘Nyonya Kebaya Blouse Patterns’, 42 x 42cm, $55/pc.

I found a suitable IKEA Ribba frame for this painting here:

It is slightly larger than this painting, but this painting can be mounted on eg a black paper to act as a border and it will fit nicely into the frame. If you are too busy to get the frame and do the framing, i can provide add-on service at a small sum. All will be nicely framed up and courier out to you.

Peranakan Porcelain Cups‘, 42 x 42cm, $55/pc.

This painting can also use the IKEA Ribba frame as mentioned above.

‘Tingkat‘, 42 x 29.7cm, $45/pc.

This painting can also use IKEA Ribba series frame. However, at the size they are offering, this painting has to be mounted on another piece of eg: black paper to provide a good border for the painting. Here’s the link to the frame:

‘Generations of Tiles’, 38 x 48cm, $58/pc.

For this painting, it can fit into IKEA Fiskbo frame or SilverHojden frame. There is still a small gap between the artwork size and frame, so a background paper will still be required. Here’s the links:

Pls email me for any orders. Again it is beamingattic at gmail dot com.

Thank you for being here!