Pay what you want - 'Rising'

C_rising_big“Heaven @ Zero – Rising”

– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas.
– 7 by 9 inches
– 5/8 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
– ready to hang

“Staying centered is a reminder for us to keep ourselves back to zero at all times. At zero point, we will not be distracted by sounds, external disturbances which will trigger our emotions thus feeling drained and tired. It is Heaven @ zero and there is no differences.

This painting namely Rising depicts a sense of let go and relief at zero point.”

This is the 1st painting under the Heaven @ Zero series.

Behind thoughts:
We are all humans. Can anyone not be feeling very busy….very buzzing….very occupied in the mind most of the day that we are living in a modern city? It is important to stay focus, and concentrate on getting our tasks done. Stay centered where our focus can be, our mind is rested and things will flow through easier.

I’ve many messages and thoughts that i like to relate through my paintings, so this series will be in a smaller size that requires a shorter time to complete. Its more affordable to the mass. Anyone should own a painting, an original artwork, not a reprint.

Rates for this painting FYI:
Material Price | Suggested Price | Fixed Price
$24                    $32                   $63

A painting at this size is typically priced between $32 – $63, but i’m letting you pay what you want.

If you are interested to buy this painting at your proposed price, pls email me beamingattic (at) gmail dot com with:

  1. Painting title name
  2. Share with me how that particular painting resonates with you…
  3. why you like it, how does it inspires you in anyway?
  4. Propose a pricing

I will revert to you within 24 hours.