Pay what you want - 'Stillness'

IMG_8866“Heaven @ Zero – Stillness”

– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas
– 7 by 9 inches
– 5/8 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
-ready to hang.

Staying centered is a reminder for us to keep ourselves back to zero at all times. At zero point, we will not be distracted by sounds, external disturbances which will trigger our emotions thus feeling drained and tired. It is Heaven @ zero and there is no differences.

This painting namely ‘Stillness’ depicts a sense of stillness in balance and back to zero point.”

This is the 2nd painting under the Heaven @ Zero series.”

Behind thoughts:
This painting took me a long time. Ideas… sketches, all took the same route as the few previous paintings but this, it just doesn’t gets me anywhere to feel like the work is completed and ready for show. I guess, the idea that i want to get through it is not firm enough. Initially it is just ‘centre’. But, as i work along, i was thinking, yeah it is in the center but so what? I dun think it is strong enough to push the original primitive concept out.

So, I left it aside for a few days, unwilling to trash for the amount of time i’ve spent on it (since i seriously do not have time with 3 kids), and contemplated on whether to alter the painting.

The next night, i decided to give it an over paint. I took this decision thinking about the depth of where the new painting can go with a past history behind what is seen. Another picture which might not be that glamour but, still a route taken. I took a big brush and start to whack over the canvas. A part of me to part from my previous efforts was slightly painful, but another greater part of the feeling was awesomeness, like i’m finally releasing myself from the painting. As i say Bye to it, i saw a new fresh lighter color on the canvas 🙂 Wow, i’m glad i took this step to learn about Letting go… there’s better rewards out there.

The new concept that goes on the painting still centers around the feather. Its light… dreamy… beautiful by itself, no makeup… no coverage.. it is it. I just keep painting more and more feathers, following my heart where each should land. I will usually paint abit everyday until no direction comes in, then i will leave it till the next day. Each new day brings me new inspiration, and i will put it into the artwork. As im into about half of this work, i truly enjoy the healing power it brought me, painting out each stroke of fur… it brought me into calmness and peace 🙂

After adding the lines in, i decided to name it Stillness. Stillness is where nothing can invade to trigger anymore unnecessary emotions. Total peace.

Rates for this painting FYI:
Material Price | Suggested Price | Fixed Price
$24                    $32                   $63

A painting at this size is typically priced between $32 – $63, but i’m letting you pay what you want.

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