‘Mandala Asia’

– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas
– 24 by 24 inches
– 1.5 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
-ready to hang.
– SGD$300

“A mandala that swirls out starting from the center, and soon forms loops and loops as it journeys out, all the way until a whole vibrancy that reflects the energy of Asia emerges out from each loop. As each loop interchanges with one another, it reflects on the cultural exchanges we shared in Asia, though each still holds our traditions and beliefs deeply rooted down in respect to one another. The mandala will continue to swirl, binding Asia back to Oneness, stable and firm @ the center.

Behind thoughts:
I created this painting for a local competition in 2015. It was not selected in anyway. It has been a good experience to me, to feel the process of working out something to submit for a competition. As much as the results is, it is just a result. Being selected does determined a good standard, and not being selected doesn’t determined a less than good standard too. As a very common phrase that goes ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Its not the end of the world 🙂