Mom's Love
‘Mom’s Love – v1’

– Gouache on watercolor paper
– 10 by 8 inches
– SGD$150

As time passes by, mommy sinks. She sinks further and further into the earth as time captures her body but not her soul. The trees and the seeds that she has cultivated grows in leaps in the sun and in the rain or in the wind and as their roots deepen so does mommy, eaten up by the earth through time and growing pains of You and Me. Only to be totally swallowed up when time is up, totally into the earth she goes as the tree flourishes in its greatest time under the burning sun.”

Behind thoughts:
I wanted to create a series of this concept of paintings because i felt so deep as a SAHM of 3 growing children. I want to remind people the love of mom and every woman who became mom loves her child in her own ways, in her best way she can ever do.

I’m proud that this painting passed the jury and was exhibited with the Federation of Canadian artists in their Annual Mail in Art Exhibition, May 2018. My first ever group exhibition, and this painting made it to Canada! Yipee!

This original painting is still available for purchase.
Pls email me for enquiries. Thank you.