This is the 4th gouache painting i released under the ‘Endangered animal series’. It is a specially requested piece from my friend and now its out to share with all. I’ve found a local tee printer, you’ve also got a better price all in SGD here.

The next piece will also be a requested piece from my other friend, she wants endangered whales. So stay around!

All these are open for international orders too.

Here’s the details:

Guys, I will be getting these series of endangered animals onto combed cotton tees. High quality cotton. Out from tee printing factory is only SGD$18.

To spread the awareness of endangered animals, I’m offering these from SGD$18 .

To make my works sustainable and keep it going, you can pay more for the appreciation of my artworks and all kinds of admin stuffs that undergo to get the tee in your hands.

If you have your favourite endangered animals, pls suggest to me so I can see if I can custom draw that for you at no additional charges. (It will be available for all to get in the end). Pls PM me.

I will be able to meet you at CCK MRT at specific times in the evening for self collection. If you want local courier, that’s $5 xtra.

For XXS / XXXS / XXL / XXXL sizes additional $2 each from the factory.

For children size is additional $4 each from the factory.

Size ranges is here (pls refer to first orange table for reference):

For international orders, pls email me: beamingattic@gmail.com

My 2 pcs tee order took 12 days to be ready from the factory. So for local couriers, pls give another 3 days to reach your hands.

Thank you very much, let’s support endangered animals in the way you can.

❤, Jiahui.