Pay what you want - 'Surrender'


– High-quality acrylic paints on stretched canvas
– 20 by 16 inches
– 5/8 inch depth
– gallery wrapped sides painted
– ready to hang.

p/s: this canvas frame is slightly warped,
though not clearly noticeable when hang on the wall.

“Surrender to Mother Nature, to its greatness of continuous unconditional love, birth and rebirth, to its unchanged system and truth. Also surrender to our conscience, allow it to lead us to light and freedom.”

Behind thoughts:
I’ve never been to any dry cooling weather grassy countryside where even the insects can be very friendly. But i will like to experience that coming true for me, to soak in the grasses and wild flowers, just like how i remembered myself soaking in that beautiful sandy clean tropical beach. How far and deep can we sink into nature, to become One with it, to surrender ourselves into it… allowing it to wrap us within. But more importantly is, allowing our soul to take full control, then our mind will follow and positive actions soon will follow.

Rates for this painting FYI:
Material Price | Suggested Price | Fixed Price
$70                    $160                   $320

A painting at this size is typically priced between $160 – $320, but i’m letting you pay what you want.

 If you are interested to buy this painting at your proposed price, pls email me beamingattic (at) gmail dot com with:

  1. Painting title name
  2. Share with me how that particular painting resonates with you…
    why you like it, how does it inspires you in anyway?
  3. Propose a pricing

I will revert to you within 24 hours.